Monday, June 20, 2011

Deadly snakes and twenty Bucks!

So Lp is definitely about growing closer to the Lord but it is also about doing really cool manly things...such as slaughter a deadly snake. This story begins on our day off when chris, kendal and I went hunting with some other guys on project armed with nothing but knives, instinct and facial hair we set out to kill a wild boar. We stumbled upon a watering hole where we saw tons of tracks and pig dump. As we were following tracks i spotted a lone beaver asking to be made into a hat and a delicious meal. He however happened to be a magic beaver that could disappear but as chris went to go inspect what looked like a beaver home he jumped and whipped out his knife and readied it for attack. He told me he saw a huge snake so kendal and i encouraged him to kill it. He swung at it but the snake got away and swam to the middle of the water. I was on the other end of this half pond half river when the snake and i made eye contact. after an eerie pause the snake jolted towards me. I was standing on a slippery log surrounded be quick sand so the option of running was immediately shut down i grabbed a stick and prepared for battle. The beast and i never lost eye contact as he slithered in front of my log and prepared to strike. Fangs showing and in position to kill, he made his move. As he struck i came down with a heavy hand and smashed his face with the stick. I motioned towards the seemingly lifeless beast when with a quick snap he struck again this time i did not cease to beat the snakes face in until i was sure it was dead. we brought our kill back and found out it was a cotton mouth so we skinned it, cleaned it and then ate it to celebrate our victory. It was a great bonding moment between men. As for the twenty bucks  well that is a less complicated story. I found twenty bucks at the bottom of the pool!

Prayer Victories This Week:
I have really been uplifted with alot more energy and God has really been helping me and the guys get through work with a good attitude. We have also opened up a lot as a room during our time of confession with each other. We have realized that the honey moon version of lp is over and we are strong enough to get through it as long as we give it all to God.

Prayer Request:
That God will give us a hunger for his word and a true understanding or realization of his grace, and through realize just how lost we were before Christ. Also that we will continually work hard at work and be a witness to everyone we come in contact with. And for me i just pray that my support will all come in, it has been slowly coming in and i just need the faith to believe that God will Take care of it.


  1. My prayer request would be that you would follow me back by the time I get back into the states in like 8 days!

  2. Def praying for you and the rest of the LP!!!