Monday, June 27, 2011

Pain in the butt

This last week has been difficult yet truly rewarding each day i feel as though i die more to myself and rely more on God. It is a hard and painful process but it is eye opening. Work has gotten a lot better for the guys in my room which is awesome we have all had better attitudes and are realizing that we work for the Lord and not for man which is definitely is a much larger incentive especially  when we look at the old testament and see what elijah did to those prophets of baal and what God did with the Israelites. Another new discovery this week is that i have a butt cist. Technically it is a spinal cist but it sends alot of pain to the booty region. After much violation and extremely cold hands i recieved good news and some bad news. The good is it is not a cist that has reached skin level and the bad news is that it has the possibility of getting worse and moving into my stomach where i will need butt stomach cist surgery. So some butt prayers would be greatly appreciated because it feels like a broken tail bone right now and sitting down has become quite the process of positioning.

Prayer Victories:
Work has definitely become more rewarding and everyone seems to have a lot more energy and willingness to work hard.

Prayer requests:
As LP reaches half way point i pray that we can all maintain our energy levels and that this passion will stay ignited after LP. I especially lift up Josh Johnson as he will be leaving in a little over a week to go back to school i pray that he will just soak up as much as he can now. I would also like to lift up Danny Ross, that he will stay encourged in the Word after the Cross Cultures Project and that he will have safe travels and will really be able to reflect on his trip and taste and see how good God is and has been.

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