Friday, June 3, 2011


Alright i am sorry it has taken me a little bit to give you all an update but here is a good summary of what has been going down. I would like to start off with one of the best things, Freakin free slushies for the entire summer! Besides that we are located right next to the best sub place in the world. On a serious note my room is awesome we have Chavez Webb, Josh Johnson, Drew Langston, Paul Aluri, and Cam Colquitt. Just last night everyone in my room decided they wanted to go on the strip to share with people and begin the summer strong. My guys went hard for the Lord and really made a great example for alot of other rooms. some prayer request for us this week are that we continue to be bold and pushing the gospel forth, That God will reveal anything that will be getting in the way of our growth this summer and That we will go to work each day with an enthusiastic attitude and live out Matthew 5:16. Until next time!

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  1. That is awesome Ryan!! We are praying and know God is going to do great things this summer with your team!! We already miss you tons and can't wait for more updates!! Enjoy the slushies - CJ is envious!! Lol