Monday, July 11, 2011

Dear Miss Sadie Hawkins

This week was sadie hawkins week which means that all of the guys prepared a skit for the girls and then the ladies chose what room they want to date based off the skits. Our skit was a lot of fun and we ended up getting picked by Julie Smith's room. The date they had planned was incredible. We were told to dress in 80's apparel . Decked out in neon, head bands and high socks the girls cooked us dinner then drove us to our surprise date. After much driving and confusion we ended up at the worlds sketchiest skating rink. We entered into a modern day version of "The Lord of the Fly's" Kids were everywhere and adults were no where to be found. Immediately we were attacked with high pitched profanities and physical aggression. These kids were the rulers of this rink and we had clearly intruded their stomping grounds. As we began to skate the minions became like hundreds of little roller skating terrorists. We were tripped, punched, flicked off and mocked. They tried their darnest to bring us down and break us but they could not stop the boogie! We danced, fell and sang our way into their hearts. Slowly but surely they start to open up to us and even dress like us. Soon enough they no longer refused us but welcomed us and even wanted to be us. Chaos and disorder had fled and and music and dancing had taken its place. The gospel was shared, kids were being prayed for, numbers exchanged and bonds were built up. A mini revival had taken place on the roller rink that night and it was here that we realized. The missions field is here! Kids are looking for a good role model, they want instruction and order. Some one to show that they care enough to help them reach their highest potential. And until our generation can step up and lead out,  these younger kids will continue to look to the world as its example. Although foreign missions  are definitely needed and encouraged i feel like we miss the fact that there are lost people all around us as well. This poem gives insight to this problem.
"I see a world longing to be found
Filled with glimpses and hints of something profound
So easily this emptiness weighs them down
They've tried to fill it by raising up crowns
Sadly they realize they've raised nothing but clowns
 Continuing to retreat to their empty ghost towns.
And to those that see more than flesh and bone
the ones who realize that we arent alone
Often we travel to a foreign land
thinking this is the only place to carry out God's Command
But the lost are here too, disguised as the found
Alone in flesh, dead, waiting to be placed in the ground
So how can the be found is no one is searching
Looking for hearts that are broken where sin is lurking.
In the shadows we should shine our light 
Seeking the lost and misguided, 
calling them to a Father whose love is abiding
Near and far you can find the Lost and Alone
So dont cease to reach out in love and call them home."


  1. You need to post some pictures!! Sounds like an interesting night!

  2. i dont know how to do pictures they are on facebook