Monday, July 18, 2011

Vision Revealed

This week has been a roller coaster ride...but not one of the fun fast looping ones. It has been one of those roller coasters that simple suck! It does not go that fast it feels like at any second one of the old rusty wheels will break lose. It smells like butt and its nauseating gyrations are made more uncomfortable by the dried over vomit and chewing gum caked on its side. But in the midst of this wild ride my eyes were opened to something bigger and better in the distance. In the dips and turns i had lost sight of it but in my apex i could not keep my eyes off of it. This weekend God removed some of the flesh covering over my eyes and gave me a glimpse of true vision. I have realized that God Is SO much bigger and better than me and the things i can do. HE does not need to proclaim his word or sing praises to him for if i was to keep my mouth shut the rocks and trees and creation would shout GLORY TO GOD. These things i view as chores, qualifications and responsibilities were all wrapped up in darkness behind the flesh of my eyes. I had been failing to see this whole time. Caught in the imagination what i thought reality was. There was something in the way of what i wanted to see. and that something was me. For vision is blind behind closed eyes. God be my vision lead my steps to a path that follows you and continue to open my eyes so that i can see the vision that you have for my life.

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